Chronic pharyngitis in adults - symptoms and treatment

Chronic pharyngitis is a disease in which the chronic inflammatory process is found in the mucous membrane and lymphoid apparatus of the pharynx. The main causes of the disease: prolonged inhalation of polluted air, smoking and alcohol abuse. Not rarely, chronic pharyngitis in adults is accompanied by diseases of the digestive system, in which there is a retrograde reflux of gastric contents into the throat and oral cavity.

What to do when the nose is stuffed and there is no snot?

Few people know, but it is the nose that takes care of the entire body. First of all, oxygen enters through the nose, without which it is simply impossible to survive. The nose in every possible way protects the inhaled air and prevents overcooling of other organs. The nose protects the lungs from dust and other harmful impurities, including from pathogens.

Chronic heart failure

Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a condition in which the volume of blood emitted by the heart decreases for each heartbeat, that is, the pumping function of the heart drops, resulting in organs and tissues lacking oxygen. About 15 million Russians suffer from this disease.

100 to 100 pressure - what does that mean?

The pressure of 100 to 100 - this figure may be the athlete, and a person who constantly trains in the gym, is engaged in fitness. Most often, such pressure and the one who is hard physically working. In this case, such indicators for these categories of the norm. It used to be considered that the lower pressure does not play a special role if the upper indicator is normal.