Klimadinon in menopause: instructions and reviews

Klimadinon is a herbal preparation that is used in the complex treatment of menopausal disorders.

The active ingredient of the drug contributes to the provision of estrogen-like and sedative effects. It has a positive effect on the female autonomic nervous system and eliminates the manifestations of psycho-emotional overstrain.

On this page you will find all the information about Klimadinon: complete instructions for use for this drug, average prices in pharmacies, complete and incomplete analogues of the drug, as well as reviews of people who have already used Klimadinon. Want to leave your opinion? Please write in the comments.

Clinical and pharmacological group

Phytopreparation used in menopausal syndrome.

Pharmacy sales terms

It is released without a prescription.


How much is Klimadinon? The average price in pharmacies is at the level of 500 rubles.

Release form and composition

The drug Klimadinon is available in the form of tablets and drops for oral administration.

  • The composition of the tablets includes extracts of the root of zimitsifugi (20 mg). Starch, cellulose, magnesium stearate, talc, titanium dioxide, iron act as auxiliary substances.
  • Klimadinon Uno is a medicinal product that contains 32.5 mg of rhizome extract of cimicifuga.

The quantitative content of the active ingredient in the drops is 12g. As auxiliary substances used: saccharin, peppermint oil, alcohol, water

Pharmacological effect

The drug Klimadinon is made on the basis of natural extract of the root of cimicifuga. Due to this, the hormonal effect is less pronounced than that of drugs with synthetically produced hormones.

Klimadinon effectively fights against menopausal symptoms with a minimum number of adverse reactions. The mechanism of its effect is to have an effect similar to the effect of estrogen. In addition, the drug has a pronounced sedative effect, positively affecting the functioning of the autonomic nervous system.

Indications for use

According to the official instructions for use, the drug will help get rid of such age troubles as:

  • sleep disorders;
  • hyperhidrosis;
  • depressive disorders;
  • apathy;
  • discomfort during menopause;
  • tides;
  • changes in the vegetative nervous system;
  • increased excitability of the nervous system: sensitivity, tearfulness, anxiety, irritability.


  1. Estrogen dependent tumors;
  2. Lactose intolerance (for coated tablets);
  3. Alcoholism (for oral drops);
  4. Hypersensitivity to the drug.

Klimadinon should be taken with caution in patients with liver diseases, epilepsy, diseases and injuries of the brain (use of the drug is possible only after medical consultation).

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Pregnant women taking Klimadinon is not recommended. At the time of therapy, breastfeeding should be interrupted.

Instructions for use

The instructions for use indicate that Klimadinon is taken orally, preferably at the same time. Tablets do not raspusyvayut and washed down with a small amount of liquid.

  • A single dose - 30 drops or 1 tablet, the frequency of administration - 2 times a day (morning and evening).

The duration of the course is determined individually by a doctor.

Klimadinon UNO - instructions for use

The drug must be taken one tablet once a day at the same time, for example, in the morning at 7-00 or in the evening at 18-00, etc. The tablets are swallowed whole, washed down with water and not chewed, and not crushed by other means.

The duration of therapy is determined by the rate of normalization of the condition and the disappearance of menopausal symptoms. On average, the course of Klimadinon DNA therapy lasts about three months. Courses for Klimadinon DNA can be repeated, keeping between 1 and 2 months between them. If the climacteric symptoms have not completely disappeared within 3 months, then you should consult a doctor who will select a different drug.

Side effects

In the reviews of Klimadinone, it is reported that when using the medicine on the part of the body, side effects may occur in the form of abdominal pain, feelings of tension in the mammary glands, weight gain, menstrual-like discharge.


Cases of overdose with Klimadinon have not been described, but to prevent the development of the above adverse reactions, it is not recommended to exceed the dose indicated in the instructions.

Special instructions

Patients with diabetes can take tablets Klimadinon, because a single dose of this drug contains less than 0.04 bread units (CU).

When applied in recommended doses, the drug does not affect the ability to drive vehicles and work with machines, but the drug contains ethanol (alcohol).

Drug interactions

Interaction with other drugs is currently unknown.


We picked up some reviews of people about Klimadinon:

  1. Pauline. After taking Klimadinona, my sleep returned to normal and I became calmer. And also, I additionally put candles Ovestin vaginally, when the menopause began, my incontinence began. Candles the doctor prescribed for me, they helped me cope well with the illness, and most importantly, quickly.
  2. Tamara. I, too, was prescribed hormone replacement therapy, klimadonin and sedatives. Initially, it also became easier, but obviously I didn’t have enough hormones and the incontinence began ... At first I didn’t even realize what it was - I thought it was some kind of accident ... And then I realized that all this is happening involuntarily and ran to the doctor. He explained everything to me that it was necessary to change the drug, prescribed Ovestin ointment. I have been applying for a month, got rid of this nightmare in the form of incontinence and live calmly.
  3. Veronica. I took the remedy with courses for 3 years, a good drug helped me a lot. Tides were much less frequent, there were no problems with memory, the mood was normal. Everything is better than drinking hormones.


We present a list of dietary supplements, the action of which is similar to the original:

  • Ladys formula menopause;
  • Sepia compmatron;
  • Cloverol;
  • Sagenit;
  • Medicine;
  • Climaton;
  • Tsimifugol;
  • Klimafit and so forth.

Before using analogues consult your doctor.

Storage conditions and shelf life

The drug is optimally maintained at a temperature not higher than 25 degrees away from children, for a period of not more than 36 months from the date of manufacture, which is indicated on the pack.

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