Tonsilicolor in a person: photos, symptoms and treatment

Defeat scaly, multi-colored, colored - these are all the names of the same skin disease caused by fungi of the yeast genus. These microorganisms are classified as opportunistic, they can be present on the skin of healthy people, without causing them any concern.

But under certain conditions (excessive sweating, chronic diseases, hormonal imbalance, etc.), fungi can begin to multiply uncontrollably, which causes the development of chives.

Without adequate treatment, brown spots remain on the human body for a long time, which deprives the patient of self-confidence and gives rise to psychological complexes. In women, the disease often begins on the background of pregnancy and after the birth of the baby.

Causes of

Why does versatile lichen appear, and what is it? Seeing the first signs of pink lichen on your skin (see photo), do not panic. According to doctors, versatile zoster is the leader among skin diseases that become aggravated during the spring months. The appearance of scaly specks associated with the microscopic yeast Malassezia furfur, the carriers of which are most people.

The reasons for multi-colored lichen may be the following factors:

  • excessive sweating;
  • the special composition of sweat, contributing to the development of microorganisms;
  • stress and high exercise;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • problems in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • lack of personal hygiene;
  • genetic predisposition.

As can be seen, the activation of the fungus occurs if a person suffers from vegetative-vascular disorders, when the fat content of the skin increases, the immunity decreases, or sweating increases.

Course of the disease

Scaly spots appear on the axillary region, on the chest, abdomen, shoulders and back. The spots may be round or oval in shape, yellow, brown, less often black. With no treatment, small spots merge into large lesions.

When scraping stains, slight, peeling-off peeling is detected. The disease is characterized by a long course, often combined with psoriasis and other skin diseases.

Symptoms of multi-colored depriving a person

In the case of multi-colored depriving a person, the main symptoms are randomly located small, constantly exfoliating, yellowish, dark brown, gradually acquiring red-brown or dark coloring, spots on the skin of the body. The sites of injury are most often the shoulders, neck, back, chest, armpits.

The fungus, multiplying in the epidermis, disrupts the work of melanocytes, as a result of which they do not synthesize the pigment melanin and contribute to the appearance of non-standard colored skin areas. Additional symptoms of this disease are severe itching and excessive sweating.

Licolor versicolor: photo

How does this disease on the skin of a person, we offer to view detailed photos.


Correctly diagnose, in addition to examining characteristic lesions, helps a specialist:

  1. Inspection under the Wood's lamp (foci of chives under luminescent light emit a brown or yellow glow).
  2. Examination of scales under the microscope.
  3. Sample Balzer (foci, when lubricated with iodine, begin to actively absorb the drug).
  4. Histological examination.

Treatment of multi-colored lichen in a person

So, after a visit to the doctor and an accurate diagnosis, you can proceed to the question of how to get rid of lichen-colored lichen? First of all, it should be noted that the treatment regimen should be described only by a specialist, taking into account all the features of the body, concomitant factors and how long the patient has these symptoms.

The following agents are considered to be effective against multi-colored lichen:

  • systemic antimycotics in pills (McMiror, Furazolin);
  • triazol medication (Fluconazole);
  • preparations based on selenium sulfide (Sulsen);
  • medications based on imidazole (Sertaconazole, Ketaconazole).

In the presence of allergy, an alternative method of treatment is the rubbing of benzyl benzoate, sulfur-salicylic ointment or sodium hyposulphite. An important point in the treatment of pityriasis versicolor at home is the observance of all stages of personal hygiene (regular shower, change of underwear and clothing).

In general, the schemes of treatment of multi-colored depriving many, but the principle of treatment is one. To date, the most effective method is etiotropic therapy aimed at the destruction of the pathogen. By means of etiotropic therapy include various antifungal agents of local and systemic action, they are used for treatment at home.


Pityriasis versicolor can be successfully treated if you do not self-medicate. But sometimes, in connection with the restoration of melanin production, even successful therapy can be delayed for several months.

Often there is a remission of the disease, especially in the summer, as well as with unsystematic symptomatic and self-treatment.


To avoid infection with a multi-colored lichen on rest, you need to follow a few rules:

  1. Before sunbathing, you must first dry and then go to the sand or bedding;
  2. Sunbathe dosed;
  3. Do not sunbathe on the natural beaches;
  4. Be sure to use sunscreens and emulsions, especially if you have to stay long in the sun
  5. Use individual beach towels, often wash them;
  6. Shower after bathing in shared waters is required.
  7. Follow the rules of hygiene and do not use your things.

How to get rid of multi-colored depriving once and for all? In order to avoid re-infection, it is necessary to harden, make water-acetic and water-salt wiping, avoid sweating, wipe the skin in the spring with salicylic alcohol.

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